Thanksgiving Day Poem

I don’t believe in eating much

Of turkey, punkin’ pie and such.

It makes you dream bad dreams at night,

An’ besides its not polite.

Now I am not going to stuff and stuff

An’ act like I can’t get enough.

For me a turkey leg will do,

A slice of breast or two.

Liver, gizzards, and a wing

An’ lots of stuffing, that’s the thing!

Mashed potatoes, will make me grow,

Squashes and cabbage are fine, you know.

I must have some cranberries, too.

An’ layer of cake, two pieces will do.

Then of punkin’ pie so yellow,

One piece, ‘cause I am a little fellow.

With nuts and apples, I shall quit,

An’ not ask for another bit.

‘tisn’t good, the doctors say,

To eat too much on Thanksgiving Day.

– unknown author

This is a poem that my grandfather, Charles Goodpaster, taught me when I was a child, passed down from his mother. We have no idea the original author.