Over the last three weeks, I have seen lots of opinions, rarely discussions, on my Facebook feed about the actions that President Trump has taken in the realm of immigration. The two biggest ones, well the ones that have caused the most postings, have been the travel ban and the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos.

I initially was going to ask “what should be the US’ immigration policy,” but honestly, Facebook does not yield a forum for actual discussion and dialogue. Because of this, over the past six months, I have been called everything from a misogynist, sexist, homophobe, troll, racist, you get the point.

Just a question to be pondered, what should be the PURPOSE of the US immigration policy? Do we find ourselves using our broken immigration policy as the second best to a failed foreign policy? Should the immigration policy be for the benefit of the nation, humanitarian, or a combination of both? Should the immigration policy be an open border? Possibly a Schengen Agreement between US, Mexico, and Canada.

I think the steps that most forget are to identify the purpose, write a policy that supports that goal, and modify as necessary.